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by Darryl L. Stinson, M.D.

The most important piece of equipment in the industry is often most neglected and rarely ever calibrated. I'm talking about the human.

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Due to the varying needs of the clients served by The Center, the services are tailored to meet each client’s needs. Following is a brief overview of the services provided:
Drug Screening
Drug Screenings can be performed for DOT and Non-DOT positions and include testing for the following substances:


  • Marijuana Metabolites
  • Cocaine
  • PCP - Phencyclidine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines


  • Amphetamines
  • Barbituates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine Metabolites
  • Marijuana Metabolites
  • Methadone
  • Methaqualone
  • Opiates
  • PCP - Phencyclidine
  • Propoxyphene

Drug screening results are communicated via fax, phone or e-mail, according to the employers preference.
Random Drug Screening
In order to ensure a “drug free” work place, The Center also offers random drug screenings. Done on a monthly or quarterly basis, software randomly selects a percentage of the employees for screening.
WorkSTEPS, Inc
Work Conditioning/Hardening-These programs incorporate physical conditioning through activities to improve strength and endurance, flexibility, work simulation, and education to prevent re-injury.
Medical Physicals
Post Offer Medical Physicals are conducted with the goal of determining and establishing baseline information of the applicant’s medical condition, while detecting evidence of illness to determine if there is an occupational relationship. These physicals contribute to employee health and maintenance by providing an opportunity for early detection, treatment and prevention of disease such as elevated blood sugars and hypertension. Each medical physical will include complete medical history and examination for the following: musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, vital signs, abdomen, any abnormal masses, eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal and neurological evaluation.
DOT Medical Physicals
DOT physicals are performed using the Department of Transportation Guidelines.
Physical Therapy
With a team of 4 Physical Therapists and a state of the art facility with over 6,000 square feet dedicated to Industrial Medicine needs, The Center is the gold standard in the Rio Grande Valley for meeting the physical therapy needs of our industrial clients. Our services include: Physical Therapy - use of comprehensive list of modalities and specialized in work related injuries. FCEs - comprehensive evaluation that is an important part of industrial efficiency used to assess the worker’s ability/tolerance to a variety of real or - simulated work activities
Post Offer Pre-Placement Screens
Post Offer Pre-Placement Screens will evaluate the applicant’s physical ability to perform essential job functions as described in a specific job description provided by the client and will ensure that the physical attributes of the candidate match the physical requirements of the position. The components of the pre-placement screenings consist of work specific tasks, cardiovascular assessment, strength abilities, range of motion, dexterity, agility and flexibility assessment. The components will differ according to the job description and the physical demands of the specific position being assessed. Components can be tailored to meet specific needs of the employer and position.
Job Descriptions
Job descriptions can be evaluated for new positions or existing descriptions can be modified to incorporate the existing physical demands of a current position. If requested, a job site analysis can be performed to identify essential job functions.
Preventative Intervention Program
Preventative intervention analyzes a company’s injury trends by body part or work station and offers the client custom services designed to eliminate injuries and cut costs while complying with OSHA standards and maintaining client production. This proactive approach focuses on factors which influence the development of injuries and decrease the progression of symptoms, through early awareness, and early intervention. These programs are especially beneficial to clients with repetitive motion assignments.
Ergonomic Analysis
Ergonomic analysis provides for a comparison between the current work environment and the ideal scenario. An initial evaluation is completed on each work station and an analysis is completed of the employees’ posture, heights of workstations, hand position and other items affecting job function. Recommendations are then made to help ensure that the workstations are modified to maximize productivity in an efficient and pain-free work environment.
Occupational Support
By selecting The Center of Industrial Rehabilitation Services to provide your company with medical and industrial services, educational safety workshops and mini seminars can be conducted for your high risk departments to ensure injury prevention and cost containment. Our staff is committed to working closely with your Safety Coordinator and/or Human Resource Manager to assist with preventative occupational safety issues.
Health Fairs
Because the healthcare needs of the workforce are not limited to the work day and are often driven by many underlying issues such as diabetes and hypertension, The Center and its physicians are committed to focus on the whole employee and to assist its industrial partners in educating its workforce on vital healthcare issues. Through on-site health fairs and "lunch and learns", to assisting with implementing wellness programs, The Center focuses on making improvements in employees’ overall health and wellness.

The Center of Industrial Rehabilitation Services believes that good employee health is an asset. Our physicians are committed to providing the employee partners in the area with the best industrial medicine possible. Together with a highly skilled team of therapists and health professionals, The Center is ready to help you build a healthier business.

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